7 Steps to Owning a Home


  • First, how do you know of you qualify?
    • We can help you own this house if you have either:
      1. If you have Decent Credit and Down Payment, we can help you own this home NOW.
      2. If you have no credit, bad credit, or only a small down payment, we can help you own this home SOON.
    • How Much Down Payment is Enough?
      1. We can be flexible, but remember, the more you can put down, the more options we will have and the lower your monthly payment will be
    • We look at the whole package. If you have a large down payment (up to $20,000) then we will have more flexibility and lower payments than if you only have just a few thousand dollars to put down
  • If you have either decent credit or a down payment AND think you can afford the monthly payment for the house WHAT’s THE NEXT STEP?
  • Call us at 292-3848
    • We will do a brief application with you over the phone, and discuss potential ways you can own the home.
    • If you are ready, we will arrange for you to see the inside of the house.
  • Once you see the house, if you want this house, call us back and tell us:
    • How much can you put down toward the purchase?
    • What is the monthly maximum payment you can afford?
    • Is your credit Good, Fair, or Ugly
  • If you have your down payment and are ready to plan your move, we will set an appointmen
  • Bring your down payment (Money Order of Cashier’s Check only) and your completed application to the appointment.
  • Once Your Application is approved, and you’ve paid the first month’s rent,