Do You Want to Own Your Own Home?

EZ Qualify, No Lengthy Bank Application, Down Payment Assistance, Even if You Have Low or No Credit!

Do you want to own your own home but for some reason you are not in a position to get a mortgage now?

There can be a number of reasons why someone either can’t, or is not ready to qualify for a mortgage.  Whether your credit is not perfect, you have no credit, you have some past financial issues, or even if you are just need some time on your job or in the area before you are ready, our program can help.

With our Lease/Purchase Program, it’s simple. You move into a home that you will lease until you are ready to qualify for a mortgage to purchase it.  That’s it!

Plus, if your Down Payment is not that large, then you qualify for our Down Payment Assistance Program.   Click [HERE] to see what we have available and to learn more about Down Payment Assistance.

Right now we have only one home available, a great house in a great neighborhood located at 712 Colemo Place.  Click the address check it out.

Click [HERE] to complete and submit a pre-application for lease/purchase.